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How To Open Up To A Wider Audience: Your Manual To The Perfect Website

Gone are the days of brick and mortar stores, today it is vital to have a virtual store. With 93% purchases being made post a Google search, and the availability of the luxury to shop from the comfort of your home, only a website can open your business to greater avenues.

Trust us you NEED a website

With 4.7 billion internet users spending an average of 6 hours 56 minutes on the internet, imagine the audience you can reach through a website, or lose without one! Our screens are important touch points for every business and must be used to our benefit.

While you become available to the world, increasing local and “near me” searches could land you path-breaking results. Your next step towards expansion should be an address on the internet!

Numbers that il viagra fa male al cuore will make you go “Whaaaaaaaaat!”

  • If they don’t find you online, 62% consumers are likely to neglect your business
  • An online presence will incentify 70% consumers to visit your store
  • 75% users will judge your website based on its look & feel
  • By creating a delightful experience, you can expect 90% of consumers to come back to your website

To go about setting up a website independently would mean resorting to tools like WordPress or Wix. Their simple and basic templates will serve the purpose of creating an online presence, but won’t guarantee reach.

With many highly developed websites on the web providing interactive experiences to visitors, a basic one is highly likely to be sidelined. Don’t opt for this if it is conversions you are looking at!

Recipe to your Delectable Website

1. Know your Intent

You can set a goal, only if you have a purpose. What is the role of your website? Will it inform, will it sell, or will it do both? Every customer visiting your website should know what they are doing there and what should be their next step. Place a clear call to action.

A page like ours, Thinking Partners’, is all about informing, piquing interest and collecting inquiries, while an Amazon goes for a direct sale. Similarly, Wikipedia informs and blog websites expect you to subscribe. Always remember to place a clear call to action based on your original intent.

2. OG Content always rules

Someone rightly said that content is king! An impeccable choice of colours and fonts is not enough to keep your audience hooked; you HAVE to give out quality content! If you own a nursery, talk about the bush, don’t beat around it! Gain your audience’s confidence by putting out relevant content, indicative of your knowledge bank about what you are doing.

Blogs, stats, infographics, lists, all make the site interesting, fun to read, and optimally informative. We need not mention, plagiarism is a punishable offence, so be sure to give credit where it’s due!

Give him credit

3. clomid for sale uk The Look & the Feel

Your website cannot look like a messy sock drawer. 70% of businesses have supposedly failed because of poor UX. With our diminishing attention spans, a few seconds should be enough for visitors to know how to navigate and whether it’s worth spending time at this URL.

Adding sequential menu bars, having a neat, professional interface suited to the audience, and an uncluttered structure can do the trick. Make it as user-friendly as it can get; remember, the clock is ticking!

Leaving out contact details like phone number, address, social media profile links, etc. would mean losing up to 44% of potential clients, especially in B2B. Include FAQs, and maybe a form that visitors can quickly fill out for inquiries.

Airbnb Gif

Tip: Ask your web developer to use Responsive Web Design. It will make your website accessible from every device and on every screen size. Coz’ why lose any audience at all, right!

4. SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Not talking about SEO while talking about content is like not mentioning the fabric when talking about clothes. We all have search queries when we are browsing – these are called “keywords”. They come in various types and are a must when writing web content.

It makes your website relevant to your audience and connects the two parties. Use it judiciously, and it will do you good, abuse it, and it could cost you! SEO is a tricky business; it involves intricate research and skilled writing.

Tip: SSL encrypt your site, i.e. the lock symbol you see before the URL. It makes your site more trusted and safe for visitors and provides an SEO boost to the website.

Website Secure

5. Be fast, to make them last

L o a  d   i     n       g     .        .           . Exceed 3 seconds, and poof, the visitor will disappear like a genie, to never come back. 47% consumers expect your page to load in less than two seconds, there are thousands of options available, and if you lack speed, you lose! Here’s what can help! Use optimised images, videos, audios, etc., compress your images and adopt Accelerated Mobile Pages for some website speed.

We often talk about beauty both inside and outside. Similarly, neat coding can highly influence your webpage’s loading time. As an added advantage, it also improves the website’s Google ranking; basically more visibility, more traffic.

Be fast, to make them last

6. Reflection Time

Your website is a project for a lifetime. Not only do you keep feeding in fresh data, but you also analyse the performance regularly. Follow the metrics, find out what is working, what is not. Who is engaging? What are they engaging with the most? Map out the customer’s journey and basis that devise the next plan. Insights are of utmost importance, be wise and channel them.

Reflection Time

For example, in the image above, we have three different websites with three different results. Let’s see what the numbers have to say! Website 3 has an average duration of 5:50 which is much lesser than 9:10 of website 2. That’s a cue to change something to be able to hold the visitor’s attention span and make them stay for longer. Perhaps add video-based content, blogs or change the interface a little! Analytics can really help catch the culprits driving traffic away.

7. Hiring experts to boost efficiency and maximise results

Our years of experience have taught us that running a successful, flourishing business alongside an updated website is unlikely. You will be biting off more than you can chew. So, outsource! Close your eyes and turn towards an agency. With experienced web developers, content writers, strategists, web designers and more, you can get one track minds working on their respective areas of expertise, dedicatedly for your brand.

You’ll also get the complete package and promising results due to the luxury of quality and inter-team communication, which is otherwise missing when working with freelancers.

Your Thinking Partners await

We strongly believe in win-win! While you can save yourself the headache, we can channelize our high energies into generating something constructive and highly impactful. Let us connect over a cup of coffee, or if it is chai you prefer, we want to know all about you! Detailed conversations and exchanging your stories would help us pass on the essence of your brand to your customers through the website.

At Thinking Partners, we go big or go home, and home is not an option ever. Always going the extra mile for you… come (re)build your virtual home with us! For starters, shoot an email at niraj@thinkingpartners.co.in and tell us what you have in mind!