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The Move from Static to Video Marketing in the Ad World

People consume more video content than any other content on digital platforms

How videos have made their mark in the marketing world

Netflix India has harnessed the power of video content successfully with its 5.6 million following that comments and engages with their posts heavily.

How to use videos in your strategy

Some tools to use video marketing effectively

Platforms to scale your video marketing


How To Open Up To A Wider Audience: Your Manual To The Perfect Website

Gone are the days of brick and mortar stores, today it is vital to have a virtual store. With 93% purchases being made post a Google search, and the availability of the luxury to shop from the comfort of your home, only a website can open your business to greater avenues.

Trust us you NEED a website

With 4.7 billion internet users spending an average of 6 hours 56 minutes on the internet, imagine the audience you can reach through a website, or lose without one! Our screens are important touch points for every business and must be used to our benefit.

While you become available to the world, increasing local and “near me” searches could land you path-breaking results. Your next step towards expansion should be an address on the internet!

Numbers that il viagra fa male al cuore will make you go “Whaaaaaaaaat!”

  • If they don’t find you online, 62% consumers are likely to neglect your business
  • An online presence will incentify 70% consumers to visit your store
  • 75% users will judge your website based on its look & feel
  • By creating a delightful experience, you can expect 90% of consumers to come back to your website

To go about setting up a website independently would mean resorting to tools like WordPress or Wix. Their simple and basic templates will serve the purpose of creating an online presence, but won’t guarantee reach.

With many highly developed websites on the web providing interactive experiences to visitors, a basic one is highly likely to be sidelined. Don’t opt for this if it is conversions you are looking at!

Recipe to your Delectable Website

1. Know your Intent

You can set a goal, only if you have a purpose. What is the role of your website? Will it inform, will it sell, or will it do both? Every customer visiting your website should know what they are doing there and what should be their next step. Place a clear call to action.

A page like ours, Thinking Partners’, is all about informing, piquing interest and collecting inquiries, while an Amazon goes for a direct sale. Similarly, Wikipedia informs and blog websites expect you to subscribe. Always remember to place a clear call to action based on your original intent.

2. OG Content always rules

Someone rightly said that content is king! An impeccable choice of colours and fonts is not enough to keep your audience hooked; you HAVE to give out quality content! If you own a nursery, talk about the bush, don’t beat around it! Gain your audience’s confidence by putting out relevant content, indicative of your knowledge bank about what you are doing.

Blogs, stats, infographics, lists, all make the site interesting, fun to read, and optimally informative. We need not mention, plagiarism is a punishable offence, so be sure to give credit where it’s due!

Give him credit

3. clomid for sale uk The Look & the Feel

Your website cannot look like a messy sock drawer. 70% of businesses have supposedly failed because of poor UX. With our diminishing attention spans, a few seconds should be enough for visitors to know how to navigate and whether it’s worth spending time at this URL.

Adding sequential menu bars, having a neat, professional interface suited to the audience, and an uncluttered structure can do the trick. Make it as user-friendly as it can get; remember, the clock is ticking!

Leaving out contact details like phone number, address, social media profile links, etc. would mean losing up to 44% of potential clients, especially in B2B. Include FAQs, and maybe a form that visitors can quickly fill out for inquiries.

Airbnb Gif

Tip: Ask your web developer to use Responsive Web Design. It will make your website accessible from every device and on every screen size. Coz’ why lose any audience at all, right!

4. SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Not talking about SEO while talking about content is like not mentioning the fabric when talking about clothes. We all have search queries when we are browsing – these are called “keywords”. They come in various types and are a must when writing web content.

It makes your website relevant to your audience and connects the two parties. Use it judiciously, and it will do you good, abuse it, and it could cost you! SEO is a tricky business; it involves intricate research and skilled writing.

Tip: SSL encrypt your site, i.e. the lock symbol you see before the URL. It makes your site more trusted and safe for visitors and provides an SEO boost to the website.

Website Secure

5. Be fast, to make them last

L o a  d   i     n       g     .        .           . Exceed 3 seconds, and poof, the visitor will disappear like a genie, to never come back. 47% consumers expect your page to load in less than two seconds, there are thousands of options available, and if you lack speed, you lose! Here’s what can help! Use optimised images, videos, audios, etc., compress your images and adopt Accelerated Mobile Pages for some website speed.

We often talk about beauty both inside and outside. Similarly, neat coding can highly influence your webpage’s loading time. As an added advantage, it also improves the website’s Google ranking; basically more visibility, more traffic.

Be fast, to make them last

6. Reflection Time

Your website is a project for a lifetime. Not only do you keep feeding in fresh data, but you also analyse the performance regularly. Follow the metrics, find out what is working, what is not. Who is engaging? What are they engaging with the most? Map out the customer’s journey and basis that devise the next plan. Insights are of utmost importance, be wise and channel them.

Reflection Time

For example, in the image above, we have three different websites with three different results. Let’s see what the numbers have to say! Website 3 has an average duration of 5:50 which is much lesser than 9:10 of website 2. That’s a cue to change something to be able to hold the visitor’s attention span and make them stay for longer. Perhaps add video-based content, blogs or change the interface a little! Analytics can really help catch the culprits driving traffic away.

7. Hiring experts to boost efficiency and maximise results

Our years of experience have taught us that running a successful, flourishing business alongside an updated website is unlikely. You will be biting off more than you can chew. So, outsource! Close your eyes and turn towards an agency. With experienced web developers, content writers, strategists, web designers and more, you can get one track minds working on their respective areas of expertise, dedicatedly for your brand.

You’ll also get the complete package and promising results due to the luxury of quality and inter-team communication, which is otherwise missing when working with freelancers.

Your Thinking Partners await

We strongly believe in win-win! While you can save yourself the headache, we can channelize our high energies into generating something constructive and highly impactful. Let us connect over a cup of coffee, or if it is chai you prefer, we want to know all about you! Detailed conversations and exchanging your stories would help us pass on the essence of your brand to your customers through the website.

At Thinking Partners, we go big or go home, and home is not an option ever. Always going the extra mile for you… come (re)build your virtual home with us! For starters, shoot an email at and tell us what you have in mind!

How To Influence People Into Buying Your Product: Your Brand’s Guide To Influencer Marketing

The world of marketing has seen a drastic evolution from something as basic and powerful as word-of-mouth to as advanced and intriguing as AI integrated activations. Having tasted everything, and relished the perks, we humans have a tendency to ‘go back to our roots and that’s exactly what we have been spotting in the marketing industry lately. Influencer marketing might feel like an intimidating term and unchartered territory for traditional players but in its fundamental sense, it is nothing but a dynamite fusion of word-of-mouth and our very dear social media.

What is Influencer Marketing?

In simple words, it is a brand collaborating with social media influencers to target their follower bases. While influencers are not traditional celebrities, they are indubitably the “new age celebs”. They might not lead a lavish, paparazzi life with the common man swooning at their sight, but they do have an extremely strong and loyal fanbase, one that is even ready to pay per month to see their premium content. In fact, one of the major reasons they are loved so much by the average consumer is that they are more accessible and relatable than celebrities.

Note: They are also mindful of what they endorse as they cannot afford a dwindling reputation; social media being their primary bread and butter.

The numbers don’t lie.

  • From 2015 to 2021, there has been a phenomenal 115.59% increase in the number of people actively using social media and this number will continue to increase greatly.
  • 55% of Indians engage with social media platforms, spending an average of 2–3 hours on the platform every day.
  • A major chunk of this time is spent consuming content.
  • Content creators or influencers are one of the primary reasons for attracting people to social media platforms.
  • Influencer marketing business is expected to reach $13.8 billion in 2021, a sharp jump from $1.7 billion in 2016.
  • Instagram is the most effective platform for influencer marketing, followed by Youtube.
  • 75% of the majority of brands are inclined towards dedicating a separate budget to influencer marketing.

Why influencer marketing works so well?

Influencers have a very strong hold on their audiences, so much so that they can effortlessly gauge attention, impact opinions, and control their decision-making process. They regularly interact and engage with their audiences to build credibility and trust among them. With free reign, influencers don’t have to stick to scripts and can create unique content making ads appear less sales-oriented and more genuine. And the fact that more than the product itself, people are interested in what the influencers have to say about it has convinced brands to adopt this channel. On top of that, choosing influencer marketing rids you of the heavy production cost involved in traditional channels.

Types of influencers

Picking the influencer/s for your brand is a complicated process. There are multiple factors to consider, e.g., number of followers, area of specialization, platforms on which they have established themselves, etc. There is no bound to what all they can talk about. An influencer can not only teach you how to dress, use your iPhone or invest in stocks, but also convince you to adopt a healthier lifestyle, sustainable products or veganism. The list is endless. If we get into the depth, it will need more than a day to cover everything. So, let’s get straight into how to get your influencer marketing right.

1) Set communication goals

Whether it is targeting existing customers or acquiring new ones, influencer marketing can help you achieve any goal effectively. As long as you have a strong and clear objective in place, your campaign is set for success.

  • What are your marketing objectives? Is it increasing awareness or promoting an offer? Is it brand engagement or direct sales? Is it driving them to your website or making them follow your social media page?
  • You have to know if your strategies are working. So, set some parameters based on your objective — impressions, website visits, increase in followers, etc.

2) Create an audience persona

For a successful, fruitful campaign, you must reach the right audience and hence need to hunt for the right influencer/s who caters to your niche.

  • Build an audience persona.
  • Who are they? Are they new, or do they know you?
  • What kind of content do they consume? What kinds of triggers attract them the most? Do they value new experiences or do they value real connection?
  • You can use different personality profiling techniques like the OCEAN model by Cambridge Analytica to build your target audience profile.

3) Pick the right influencer

Once your audience persona is clear, you can head on to find the apt influencer/s who makes content that aligns with your audience and is someone who would actually use your products (that’s how good word-of-mouth works). Look at relevance, engagement, category served, legitimacy, etc. You should also:

  • Keep an eye on the activities of influencers on your list. Remember, the ones posting a lot of sponsored content might not get good conversions.
  • Collect enough information about them to gain their confidence when you approach them. They should be convinced that you truly understand them, their audience, and have very thoughtfully chosen them for your brand.

4) Get the legalities straight

In India, according to ASCI — Advertising Standards Council of India, if anything goes wrong, consumers can sue both — the brand and the influencer! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Draw up a detailed agreement with the influencer/s
  • Make sure every time they post for you, it clearly mentions that it is an ad / a paid promotion / a collaboration.
  • The disclosure must be direct, accessible, easy to understand and accompanied by relevant hashtags like #ad, #paidpromotion, #collaboration, and so on.

5) Plan and execute it well

This needs no explanation, but your campaign needs to be executed well and planned even better. Most of the time, it is poor planning that takes down your influencer marketing campaign. Just because it is a new and slightly unofficial marketing tool, do not take it lightly. Choose the right influencer, set tracking tools in place, give the influencer creative freedom, and don’t try to hard-sell your brand.

6) Track, measure, repeat.

The campaign is in action, but can you say “Voila” yet? The answer lies in various insights and results that need to be analyzed.

  • It goes beyond counting likes, comments, and impressions. Decoding insights offered by social media platforms forms the base of your next strategy.
  • Who is engaging? Where is the traffic coming from? Did you see an actual spike in orders? Did you gain more followers from the influencer’s community?
  • All these things can sound complicated but they are not a pain in the b**t if you have proper tracking tools and techniques in place.

Bonus tip

It is the quality and the quantity of the impact through the influencer that matters. “The bigger the better” does not apply here. An influencer with a smaller following but a better engagement rate can be more beneficial than going for a mega influencer with fewer conversions.

Why do brands hire an agency for this?

Just like traditional marketing, influencer marketing is getting a front row seat in the hall of advertising which is why brands choose to approach it as they would approach a mainline marketing campaign – via an ad agency. Even if you are a small business, imagine running your day-to-day operations and managing your influencer marketing all by yourself. Your in-house team might also not be able to crack it since it might be their first time.

If done right, influencer marketing can be a turning point for your business. And if done wrong, it will just be money down the drain. Not to mention that you can get a lot of flack on social media very quickly if you rub people the wrong way. Now that is quite unnerving.

Hence, a practical way out is shaking hands with an ad/influencer agency and have them do all the dirty groundwork while you can reap the sweet fruits from your corner office.

Meet Thinking Partners.

With more than 6 years of making brands bigger and a cumulative industry experience of over 50 years, we are here to make your life easy! Our specialty is targeting all your marketing related pain-points, and shooting right at the bullseye with our ideas and our reach. Our spidey web is well established in the industry, and as far as influencer marketing is concerned, just let us know your requirements and we will get the ball rolling for you.

Hope this blog post was influential enough to make you see influencer marketing in a new light and get you to approach us to reach the right influencers effortlessly, and influence the audience you wish to reach. Pheww. That was a lot of “influence” in one breath! Anyway, drop us an email at, and let’s get your business going!

Should You Get In Bed With A Freelancer Or An Agency?

Jack of all trades, master of none! Came across that one, right? As a matter of fact, many small businesses and startups live this saying. Multitasking is all fun and games until you realize that it is restricting you from tapping into your optimum potential. Imagine running a company, looking into sales, marketing, people management, finance and a million other things. No department will get 100% of your attention and you will just be running from pillar to post endlessly.

Every man has a breaking point GIF

A task master ALWAYS delegates smartly!

In today’s cut-throat world, every entrepreneur needs a strong marketing strategy to stand out, and opting for an in-house marketing team can prove to be expensive. It’s fair to say that it all depends on the scale at which you operate. But we can unanimously agree that getting your ducks in a row when it comes to marketing is super important for every business. So, how do you go about building a marketing team? Do you assemble an in-house team from scratch, do you hire freelancers or do you tie up with an advertising agency?

Here’s a simple guide to help you decide.

But let’s understand the terminology first. While a freelancer is an independent individual specializing in one area of expertise — graphic designing, copywriting, or web development; an advertising agency is a group of professionals from respective fields working on a project towards one outcome.





 With that out of the way, let’s start weighing the options.

1. Pick your battles

Being the boss means looking after every aspect of your business. Attending incessant calls from various freelancers will consume a great chunk of your time and leave the other departments feeling left out. On the other hand, one point of contact guarantees a smooth exchange of information to and fro.

So, to be fair, simply choose an agency that keeps you as involved as you need to be.

1 point of Contact

2. Let your deliverables decide

It makes sense to hire a freelancer if you want a logo design, but when you are seeking a bigger solution, like branding, it’s best to go for an agency, i.e., one team to take care of the logo, the letterheads, the website, the UI/UX, basically everything your business needs.

Tip: Long-term, complicated and multi-layered projects are best achieved via an agency.

3. Don’t derail your budget

5 Points of Contact

Paying in installments is a tricky business. You think it’s easier at first but then, BOOM… one day you sit down and total your expenses only to realize you have exceeded your budget.

Paying in installments

As is the case with freelancers, think of each freelancer as an installment. In the process of paying them separately, sometimes extra due to added working hours caused by revisions and delays, you lose track! When an agency allows you to pay for the meal, why pay for your burger, fries and cola separately?

4. No time for Chinese Whispers

It’s much more reassuring to receive a message directly from the sender. All the Chinese Whispers just delay the delivery time and create grounds for ambiguities. Such is the challenge with freelancers. Although, Cialis Cos’è when it comes to an agency, the luxury of inter-team and intra-team communication boosts efficiency, avoids confusion, and promises speed with accuracy.

Inter-and-Intra-Team Communication

Now that we have led the proverbial horse (i.e. you) to the water, the choice is yours. 

But wait! Don’t pop open your champagne just yet. Even though it’s clear that an ad agency is a better match for your marketing needs, you might still have a demanding task at your hand, aka, which ad agency? Will it be a glorious, fancy big one? Or the one on its accelerating slope of the growth curve?

Here’s a Knock-off

With experience comes set frameworks and a threat of rigidity Expect innovation, agility and out-of-the-box thinking
Bigger the bucks, more the attention; you might get sidelined if your budget is small Become the top priority; experience a much more personal interaction
Too many people working on the project, longer communication chain; delayed delivery A handful of people giving their heart and soul; faster delivery

Summing up

In the sea full of fish, we at Thinking Partners, are your bluefin tuna. Having tasted the corporate life and knowing the flavors organizations prefer, we serve an “all under one roof” platter curated to suit your requirements. From research and brainstorming to execution and feedback, experts begin to work on your project to formulate the magic recipe for your success, and ours. We want you to have a lasting impact on your audience, and have one of ours on you.

The fact that you are here itself means that you need a partner to think with; from your lens and your audience’s — someone to make your brand communicate its true essence and to get you the bang for your buck. We have simplified the selection process for you, now leave the complicated bit to us. Let’s collaborate, so we can make your passion project ours, and mutually start escalating up the ladder of success.

To know how we can bring your brand to life, connect with

Unboxing the secret that is Packaging

Ever rejected a product from afar just because “Meh, what good does that look? That was a rhetoric. We all have done that, maybe not consciously though. The point being, while back in the day packaging was about protecting the product from damage, today it has grown to become something extremely crucial! What’s that about? Let’s get unboxing.

Sure, it is the product that makes people stick to a brand, but we all consume the product visually first and functionally second.


product’s packaging is our first “real” interaction with the brand, and it inarguably accounts for the first impression the brand creates. In the

overflowing racks of the supermarket, your packaging is what will set you apart.

Jo accha dikhta hai wahi bikta hai

The old mantra of ‘jo dikhta hai so bikta hai’ is no more enough to stand out.

It should be love at first sight

Imagine standing in the chips section, wondering what to pick. Inevitably you will lay your eyes on the cylindrical box of Pringles among the sea of air-filled plastic packs. Nothing bright, nothing shimmery, but definitely a successful strategy to grab attention (and well, the ‘no air’ guarantee is also a deal-sealer). Its uniqueness helps break the clutter and hence become a consideration for the consumers.

A customer in love at first sight with the classic Pringles can

A customer in love at first sight with the classic Pringles can

“The consumer wants to know!”

Do you think having a different shape or material for the packaging is enough? What good would a cup of instant noodles without the preparation instructions or a protein bar without the ingredients and nutritional content be? No good, right?! The packets or boxes for your product should be used strategically. We don’t need to bore people with information, but highlighting what they NEED to know is a must. And a little flex always works.. “Oh, that box is eco-friendly!”, announce that to the world, make a statement!

Packaging Box


Utility Matters

Raise your hand if you have struggled with clumsy milk pouches and ended up spilling it all around. ?‍♂️

In India, most milk vendors prefer plastic pouches to package their milk; though it is safe and pocket-friendly, we all secretly fantasize about the milk cartons and glass bottles. Besides being aesthetically more appealing and environmentally friendlier, they are also more convenient when it comes to utility! They are less likely to burst, easier to store — you don’t have to empty all the contents at once, visually appealing and most of all, reusable.

Every packaging material has its pros and cons. The final decision of which one works for you — it starts by aligning the expectations of your eq boldenone target audiences.

Branding — Give them something reassuring

Well, it’s not all about how great the packet looks, or how user-friendly it is. Today, brands have made product packaging their tool to communicate with the audience. Blindfolded, but you still recognize a Coke bottle when you hold it. That Lays logo on the bag guarantees a good time. Unboxing your new iPhone, you know the feeling. When sophisticated packaging meets an epic brand name, something phenomenal is built; something that drives brands to succeed — Loyalty!

Apple Watch Series 4 Packaging shortlisted for D&AD Awards — consumer packaging design, 2019

Apple Watch Series 4 Packaging shortlisted for D&AD Awards — consumer packaging design, 2019

Safe to say that it’s been made awfully clear that the 5th P of marketing, the lesser known, “Packaging” can make a massive difference. Big brands are not shelling out millions of dollars into rebranding or product packaging for nothing. Starbucks invested $10 million to come up with their new sustainable cups! Why? Why spend a fortune on your packaging when it’s already a pop-culture icon? By doing so, Starbucks made a very bold statement and broadcasted the fact that ‘they care’. Needless to say, a lot of time, effort, research and money was invested.

Cracking the right packaging doesn’t come easy. You don’t just pick a box, add aesthetics and start selling. It is a process involving audience identification, extensive research, defining functionality, design, and trial runs. You need to make sure you have the right set of people in action.

*Enters Thinking Partners*

Being in this business for 6+ years and harnessing the collective experience of 50+ years of our management team, we know the importance of product packaging. Our experiences have helped us chalk out a detailed process to achieve the most fitting packaging for your brand. If you are planning to launch a brand, or rebrand your product, we are here to get you started.

Packaging is the identity for most brands. It’s imperative to ensure you are communicating your brand essence!

The painstaking process behind the perfect packaging

The painstaking process behind the perfect packaging

No matter how much we preach “do not judge a book by its cover”, as humans the bias is inevitable. Thinking Partners can partner with you to create a brand that appeals to its consumers and get picked off the shelves. You’ve got one shot at making a first impression, let’s do it right!

For details, connect with