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A Branding Agency in Pune to Turn Your Brand into a Grand Phenomenon

Branding, as a marketing function, is quintessential to your success. It helps to push sales, aid recall and communicate a consistent image of what your brand stands for. However, these benefits are just the tip of the mega iceberg of advantages of what all a sound branding strategy can do for you. We offer services such as corporate identity development and branding, packaging design, environmental branding, space design solutions to name a few, to assist your brand in being on top-of-the-mind of your customers and love it from the bottom of their hearts.

  • Brand Identity

    A visual identity is an indispensable part of your brand. A logo, an emblem, a slogan, a design language, a trademark, a typeface defines the values, mission, character of your business. So, be it an identity revamp or creating something from the scratch, we'd love to know how we can be of help to your organization.

  • Brand Manual

    A brand manual is a set of guidelines laid down for the communication agency. The tone of the message, the fonts, the colours, the aesthetics, the Dos and Don’ts of logo usage along with many other parameters build a consistent brand experience. We create these brand manuals for our clients which provide standard directives to the agencies working on the brand.

  • Brand Positioning

    The way your brand is positioned, is how it occupies space in your audiences’ minds. A unique articulation, a memorable jingle, a hard-hitting tagline work their magic through your customers’ senses right into their hearts. But there’s a lot that goes behind the scenes which can look anything of the form of hours of organized research, days of field work, weeks of creative brainstorming and unending minutes of minutes of meeting. We, at Thinking Partners, enjoy taking this harder route because when we see your brand faring successfully and creating its niche courtesy its strong positioning, there isn’t anybody who’s happier than us.

  • Packaging Design

    Product packaging is a natural extension of your brand’s identity and it must be right on point to ensure recall, sales and brand affinity. With the right blend of aesthetics and functionality, we make sure that your packaging, besides your product, also packs a punch!

  • Merchandising

    An opportunity which needs to be taken very seriously. It allows brands to graduate to that next level of cool where they can be seen on apparels, stationery, coffee mugs, books, badges and everything else imaginable. We realize the importance of merchandising and help you be visible everywhere and in turn be on top of your people’s minds.

  • Point of Sale Advertising

    Whether it’s a new launch, an offer you need to promote or simply a regular product that needs to find its way from the shelves to your customers’ shopping bags, point of sale aka PoS is where you need to grab everyone’s attention and magically lure them into buying your product. If you despise magic, we can create kiosks, posters, stickers, wobblers, danglers, totem poles, banners, signage which work equally good.

  • Activations & Experiential Branding

    Brand activations and experiential branding are amongst the most trusted ways to make your audience experience your product or service and its promise up, close and personal. With an extensive exper ience in driving successful activation and experiential branding campaigns, we, at Thinking Partners, make sure that you find intriguing and engaging ways to reach your customers.