Ever rejected a product from afar just because “Meh, what good does that look? That was a rhetoric. We all have done that, maybe not consciously though. The point being, while back in the day packaging was about protecting the product from damage, today it has grown to become something extremely crucial! What’s that about? Let’s get unboxing.

Sure, it is the product that makes people stick to a brand, but we all consume the product visually first and functionally second.


product’s packaging is our first “real” interaction with the brand, and it inarguably accounts for the first impression the brand creates. In the

overflowing racks of the supermarket, your packaging is what will set you apart.

The old mantra of ‘jo dikhta hai so bikta hai’ is no more enough to stand out.

It should be love at first sight

Imagine standing in the chips section, wondering what to pick. Inevitably you will lay your eyes on the cylindrical box of Pringles among the sea of air-filled plastic packs. Nothing bright, nothing shimmery, but definitely a successful strategy to grab attention (and well, the ‘no air’ guarantee is also a deal-sealer). Its uniqueness helps break the clutter and hence become a consideration for the consumers.

A customer in love at first sight with the classic Pringles can

“The consumer wants to know!”

Do you think having a different shape or material for the packaging is enough? What good would a cup of instant noodles without the preparation instructions or a protein bar without the ingredients and nutritional content be? No good, right?! The packets or boxes for your product should be used strategically. We don’t need to bore people with information, but highlighting what they NEED to know is a must. And a little flex always works.. “Oh, that box is eco-friendly!”, announce that to the world, make a statement!


Utility Matters

Raise your hand if you have struggled with clumsy milk pouches and ended up spilling it all around. ?‍♂️

In India, most milk vendors prefer plastic pouches to package their milk; though it is safe and pocket-friendly, we all secretly fantasize about the milk cartons and glass bottles. Besides being aesthetically more appealing and environmentally friendlier, they are also more convenient when it comes to utility! They are less likely to burst, easier to store — you don’t have to empty all the contents at once, visually appealing and most of all, reusable.

Every packaging material has its pros and cons. The final decision of which one works for you — it starts by aligning the expectations of your eq boldenone target audiences.

Branding — Give them something reassuring

Well, it’s not all about how great the packet looks, or how user-friendly it is. Today, brands have made product packaging their tool to communicate with the audience. Blindfolded, but you still recognize a Coke bottle when you hold it. That Lays logo on the bag guarantees a good time. Unboxing your new iPhone, you know the feeling. When sophisticated packaging meets an epic brand name, something phenomenal is built; something that drives brands to succeed — Loyalty!

Apple Watch Series 4 Packaging shortlisted for D&AD Awards — consumer packaging design, 2019

Safe to say that it’s been made awfully clear that the 5th P of marketing, the lesser known, “Packaging” can make a massive difference. Big brands are not shelling out millions of dollars into rebranding or product packaging for nothing. Starbucks invested $10 million to come up with their new sustainable cups! Why? Why spend a fortune on your packaging when it’s already a pop-culture icon? By doing so, Starbucks made a very bold statement and broadcasted the fact that ‘they care’. Needless to say, a lot of time, effort, research and money was invested.

Cracking the right packaging doesn’t come easy. You don’t just pick a box, add aesthetics and start selling. It is a process involving audience identification, extensive research, defining functionality, design, and trial runs. You need to make sure you have the right set of people in action.

*Enters Thinking Partners*

Being in this business for 6+ years and harnessing the collective experience of 50+ years of our management team, we know the importance of product packaging. Our experiences have helped us chalk out a detailed process to achieve the most fitting packaging for your brand. If you are planning to launch a brand, or rebrand your product, we are here to get you started.

Packaging is the identity for most brands. It’s imperative to ensure you are communicating your brand essence!

The painstaking process behind the perfect packaging

No matter how much we preach “do not judge a book by its cover”, as humans the bias is inevitable. Thinking Partners can partner with you to create a brand that appeals to its consumers and get picked off the shelves. You’ve got one shot at making a first impression, let’s do it right!

For details, connect with niraj@thinkingpartners.co.in

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