The Lean Life – a first-of-its-kind concept about fitness and health. The brand has a boutique café in one of city’s most prominent areas where they serve an exclusive keto menu, that boasts of a dleicious taste too. The brand is catering to loyal clients with keto food delivery, keto ingredients retail, a full-fledged fitness studio and personal consultation.


There was so much the brand was doing, and it needed to be showcased in a way it deserved. The Lean Life was making a mark, but it needed brand structure. The task at hand was to build the brand with a defined brand architecture, a true-to-its-essence brand positioning and a campaign that sets the tone for communication.


First things first… we got talking to the founders whilst we devoured some keto deliciousness at their café. Then, as we always do, interacted with some of the clients to understand the brand from their point of view. Followed by some more secondary research and numerous brainstorming sessions, we created a scientific brand architecture with 5 well-defined verticals of the brand, a positioning that was in sync with the brand proposition and brand vision, and a campaign to bring it all to life.
--m could literally have the value by heart. And the Handbook with illustrated situations for every value, and space for making notes on an everyday basis. We achieved the objective and how!