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We are

We are here to ‘Think’. And ‘Do’.
Some questions, some gaps, some belief systems, some expectations from the world and ourselves, and absolute love for what we do brought together 3 professionals with a collective experience of over 35 years to form Thinking Partners. A young, thinking agency we don’t just associate with clients but go the extra mile to partner with them.

Our questions are our strength and our strategy to reach insights that derive path-breaking communication that works.

Our backbone is a team of professionals that come with a solid work experience from advertising industry giants, and more importantly, with an open mind and a passion to ask questions.

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Belief Anthem

Our Beliefs shape us
Let’s never run out of questions
Coz’ those who never run out of questions, never run out of ideas

Let’s work efficiently towards creating value
Coz’ that is the way to happy customers and happy brands

Let’s work to make this world more beautiful
Coz’ like people, the world needs to progress in more ways than one

Let’s work from the heart
Coz’ that is what touches every heart

Let’s work to value relationships
Coz’ that is what makes people truly happy

Let’s build healthy people in mind and body
Coz’ healthy organisations build a healthy world

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Every step of the journey of a brand


  • Developing Brand identity
  • Brand manual
  • Brand positioning
  • Packaging
  • Stationary with Visiting Cards, Letterhead etc


  • Press ads
  • Outdoor
  • Radio
  • TVCs
  • Digital
  • Brochure, Leaflet, Calendar
  • Diary, Annual Report, Press Kit


  • Office branding
  • Site branding
  • Event branding
  • Exhibition communication
  • POPs like danglers, standees, posters
  • OOH
  • Surrogate advertising
  • Sublimal advertising
  • Brand activations


Our Work, Our Pride.

Our questions have led to a collection of work that made our clients happy and made us proud.


We’ve proudly partnered with


Got questions? Or need us to ask some…

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